Application and Admission Support:

Intensive Application Workshops

The time frame and deadlines of applying have shifted this year. This intensive workshop will help make rapid progress toward a deep and polished primary application.

Effective essays allow the committee to get to know the applicant better. They leave the reader wanting to meet you.

Application deadlines are upon us and will continue throughout the fall. 

A student applying to 20 schools submits more than 100 pieces of writing. Most students come to understand the intensity and magnitude of the task too late. There is enormous pressure to submit sooner, but often quality is sacrificed at the cost of the goal — an invitation to interview. 

The Intensive Workshops take students through a three-step process: brainstorming, writing, and curation. We give students the skills to cut and edit their work. Our editors are also on-hand if students want editing help in the interest of time. 

These workshops offer a systematic approach to secondaries to get a great deal done in a short amount of time.

About Our Application Intensive Course and Workshops

  • Our live course includes four interactive seminars that cover every aspect of preparing for and applying to medical school.
  • Each session includes a live Q+A with our admissions team where you work directly with an admissions committee member from a top school and ask questions about your application.
  • Each session is followed immediately by an application writing workshop where you craft your application in real-time, receiving live guidance and feedback from our staff.

With our live course and workshops, you will gain the tools and information needed to get med school ready.

Med School Ready Custom Coaching

Med School Ready Custom Coaching is a complete coaching package. MSR Custom Coaching will help you craft a successful application that brings out your best qualities and will leave the reader wanting to meet you. This package includes the development, writing, and editing of over one hundred separate essays required of students applying to over 15 schools.

We break down the process into manageable and achievable steps, offer techniques that prevent writer’s block, and incorporate structure that guarantees organization and quality.

We provide support and guidance through each of the three phases of applying.

  1. Application Readiness
    • Resume building and committee application, if needed.
    • Guidance to time the MCAT® and best prepare.
    • Advice about securing strong letters of recommendation.
  2. Writing
    • Includes primary and secondary application essays
    • We take you from a blank page to a compelling finished product. The process includes development, writing, and editing for over 100 pieces of writing.
  3. Post-Application
    • Includes advice and mock interviews, as well as help communicating with schools and decision-making.

MSR Custom Coaching includes the live course and workshop series for general information and advising while providing coaching and feedback throughout each stage of your application.

MSR Custom Coaching is built around regular meetings, reachable goals, and frequent feedback.

Support is provided through one full application cycle. Product expires 2 years from the date of purchase.

Application and Admission Services

We also offer individual services for specific needs with the option to move to a more comprehensive personalized plan at any time.

  • Hourly Consultation
  • Finished Application Evaluation: We’ll send your completed application to multiple committee members and provide feedback about interview prospects.
  • Readiness Evaluation and Coaching
  • Activity Essay Coaching: Blank page to polished product for 18 pieces of writing, includes resume readiness evaluation.
  • Personal Statement Coaching: Includes blank page to polished personal statement for the centerpiece of your application. Five-Stage Process – brainstorming, writing, outlining, cutting/editing, and polishing.
  • Primary Application Coaching: Includes personal statement and activity essay coaching (see process above).
  • Secondary Application Coaching: Blank page to polished essays for 10 schools. (see process above)
  • Interview Coaching: Includes 3 mock interviews.

Application for a payment plan is available upon request.

Group and school rates available. Contact us for more information.

We believe everyone should have equal access to medical school.

If you are in need of sliding scale pricing, please contact us.

What a breath of fresh air to read one of these creative and enticing applications! Some of the most impressive applications come from students who have worked with Austin and Jenn. Their students’ essays are truly remarkable.

— UCSF Admissions Officer