You are a future doctor.

It’s time to get Med School Ready.

We believe if you want to go to medical school, you will.

Most of getting in is getting ready.  

You’ve likely begun: taking pre-med courses, approaching the MCAT, building life experiences from which to draw.  

We are here to help you determine what is needed and what is next to get med school ready.

This is your time to shine.

You are meant to be a doctor. How will you communicate that in writing?  

We help you develop ideas and write essays that are exciting to read, that communicate the experiences, insights, and qualities unique to you.

With manageable steps, we reduce the stress of applying. This frees you to create, to be at your best.

The process works.

In our workshops and through coaching, we provide the structure and tools to help you produce a memorable application.

The goal is to reach your reader, to leave them curious to know more, wanting to meet you.  

Applying to medical school is a marathon. We are here to support you through each stage of the process and help you produce an application that is memorable, that secures interviews so you can begin medical school.

We know.

We are members of medical school admissions committees, we are advisors, we are MD-PhD students, we are writing instructors. We have been through this process ourselves.

Our professional experiences include advising, teaching, research, and admissions roles at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and Harvard, Columbia, Wesleyan and Duke Universities. 

As future colleagues in the field, we look forward to working with you and to your success.


Austin and Jenn